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What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a process of curiosity, listening, reflection, prayer, and implementation to help the client experience growth and transformation in Christ. 

Meet Rebecca

As the Spiritual Director, she serves as a guide who comes alongside individuals in their life and spiritual journey, encouraging, challenging, and helping them experience spiritual and personal growth and renewal. Through the process, clients become more aware of their identity in Christ and who God created them to be. 

Rebecca also focuses on the process of discipleship, which is an intentional relationship over time based on Jesus’ example and points to Him and His life, values, truth, and ways as a guide for our lives. She relies on the Holy Spirit as the Helper and Counselor who leads us into all truth, assisting individuals as they work through and address trauma, addiction, sin, brokenness, goals, dreams, relationships, emotions, choices, and the gamut of experiences that make up our complex and beautiful lives. Part of her work is to hold sacred space where people can encounter the Lord and His transformative love. 


Rebecca attended the School of Spiritual Direction taught by Larry Crabb and also has training in healing trauma, experiential learning, soul care, and relational discipleship. She has started and operated two nonprofits alongside her husband and have 23 years of ministry experience. Along with co-leading a home church community, she partners with other nonprofits and ministries to equip and train individuals to love and serve their communities. Rebecca loves spending time with people, especially her husband and their three children!

She is so thankful to partner with Tender Loving Christ to help women encounter God’s transformative love and experience Jesus’ real freedom as they overcome addiction and build new lives. 

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